Parent/Teacher Consultations and Open Sessions

Parent/Teacher Consultations

You can make your own appointment via Arbor for parent/teacher consultations. Please log onto your Arbor parent portal or Arbor app to book an appointment when notified to do so.

Key Stage 1 Consultations 3.15-6pm

EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2

Thursday 9th November 

Wednesday 15th November 

Thursday 7th March

Wednesday 13th March 


Key Stage 2 Consultations 3.15pm -6pm

Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6

Wednesday 8th November 

Thursday 16th November

Wednesday 6th March

Thursday 14th March

Year 5

Wednesday 8th November

Thursday 16th November 

Thursday 13th June

Wednesday 19th June


Classroom Open Sessions

Open sessions start at the end of your child's school day and lasts for 30 minutes
These are an opportunity for parents to come and see some of the work the children have been doing during the
school year.

Foundation Friday 19th April

Year 1 Friday 19th January

Year 2 Friday 8th March

Year 3 Friday 23rd February

Year 4 Friday 8th December

Year 5 Friday 2nd February

Year 6 Friday 9th February