Sport Premium

Update September 2017

Sport Premium Grant 2016/2017 £10,095

At Great Chart primary School the Governors and Headteacher believe the purpose of the Sport Premium should be:

  • To ensure PE and Sport are an integral part of the curriculum.
  • To improve opportunities and provision for all pupils.
  • To provide professional development and expertise from outside agencies to upskill staff to provide high quality lessons.
  • To promote and encourage competition.
  • To try new and exciting ways to encourage young people and their families to be active by making healthy lifestyle choice.
  • To work alongside other organisations and schools to make best use of the funding for the benefit of the whole school community.


At Great Chart Primary School we currently allocate funding in the following ways:

  • Pupil voice to decide the sporting provision pupils would like to see enhanced or included in the curriculum.
  • Meeting the cost of transport and competition entries to enable more pupils to access sporting competitions.
  • Use of expertise from local sports clubs to provide after school clubs and curriculum sessions in a wide variety of sports.
  • Developing a competition programme across the year including staff release to attend during the school day.
  • Upskilling staff by working alongside  sports coaches to provide high quality PE lessons.
  • Provision of new equipment and resources to make lessons accessible and exciting to pupils.

Expenditure 2016-17

Expenditure Amount Link to PESS Action Plan Impact Sustainability
North School Sports Package £ 600 Opportunities to compete with other local schools. Sporting Competitions entered throughout the year inc Cross Country, Sportshall Athletics, Rapid Fire Cricket, Athletics, Infant Agility, Football Network of PE co-ordinators who could arrange matches between themselves.
Ease PE curriculum sessions + after school club £3000 Staff feel confident to deliver high quality lessons. Year 3, 4 and 5 staff have all worked alongside and have new ideas to use with their classes. Resources and ideas shared and saved for future use.
Top up swimming £3000 Increase % pupils able to swim 25m by end of KS2 Pupils have lower ratio of staff and extended lessons each week. We have also developed a rolling programme so they are able to swim 3 times during KS2 if necessary.

Yr 6 – 60% 25m

Yr 3 – 25% 25m

Yr 4 – 33% 25m

Other funding streams would be considered as this is a life skill.
Cycling from EYFS- Yr 6

Pedal Free

Bikeablity L1 and L2

£2000 Pupils enjoy wide range of experiences to promote healthy lifestyle choices. By the end of KS1 majority of pupils can ride on 2 wheels.

Yr 4 Level 1 Bikeability 76% of pupils particpated and 90% achieved L1.

Year 5 -44 pupils particpated . 50 % achieved L2 and 45% achieved L1

Year 6 – 33 pupils

76% achieved L2

24% achieved L1

Pedal free could be run in school as staff already continue from the initial training in KS1.

Other funding sources for Bikeability would be considered.

Curriculum tennis lessons £1500 Pupils provided with opportunities to try new sports and improve skills. All pupils in Year 1 -6 have curriculum tennis lessons with teachers working alongside coaches so they have the skills. Pupil voice suggests this is popular and pupils have entered local competitions as a result. Staff feel more confident to lead their own sessions if necessary.
Transport £400 Transport enables pupils to access competitions. More pupils able to represent the school. Parents would be asked to take pupils.
5-a-day-tv £240 Encourage physical activity breaks throughout the day. 5 -a-day used in all year groups from breakfast club and across the school. Used at Wet play times and between lessons for a physical break. Other free resources would be found.
Resources £300 Ensure resources and equipment are available to enhance provision for pupils. Resources available for after school clubs including footballs, skipping ropes, stickers and rewards.  
Total £11040      


OFSTED report March 2016 found Great Chart Primary school to be using the funding effectively to make a positive difference to pupils.

Proposed Spending 2017/18 (Funding confirmed Oct/Nov 2017)

  • Continue to upskill staff working alongside sports coaches.
  • Develop and improve lunchtime activities.
  • Upskill pupils to help lead and develop activities on the playground.
  • Encourage pupils and staff to be more physically active – Daily Mile.
  • Further develop Tennis skills through curriculum lessons.
  • Continue the drive to ensure most pupils leave Great Chart Primary School able to cycle safely.
  • Continue to top up swimming provision to increase % pupils able to swim 25m.
  • Encourage further opportunities for competition both intra and inter. For all pupils.
  • Use pupil voice to develop opportunities for new ways to get active.



65% pupils (39) in Year 6 can swim 25m. They have had 3 blocks of 10 sessions since 2014 when only 22% were able to swim.

Of the 21 who are unable to meet the requirement 90% can swim at least 10m .38% are PP and 10% SEN. This group includes 2 non swimmers who have extreme anxiety in the water

Action: Investigating using Sport Premium top up for those pupils for an intensive course in Term 6.