All pupils come to our school to be happy and successful. This has inspired the design of our curriculum so that all children can achieve. Pupils explore the skills and acquire knowledge to allow them to reason critically, making informed decisions and choices through a curriculum that promotes creativity and curiosity.

Our values and curriculum develop high expectations for every child and empower them to be successful in their own lives and to contribute positively to the local, national and international community.

Respect is our main core value and through our curriculum children will progress through different aspects: 

Whole School Golden Thread



Respect for ourselves

Year 1

Respect for our Community

Year 2

Respect for our friends

Year 3

Respect for The Environment

Year 4

Respect for Equality

Year 5

Respect for Each Other

Year 6

Respect for the past 

Curriculum Intent Statement

At Great Chart Primary School our curriculum is designed to create a community where children participate, succeed and are proud of their achievements. Our emphasis on creativity, active and outdoor learning together with an engaging, exciting and relevant curriculum ensure that children make outstanding progress.  We recognise the importance of the children’s prior learning, providing first-hand experience to allow them to develop their cultural capital, build knowledge and become critical thinkers. We believe our new curriculum is more meaningful when cross-curricular links are made and the needs of the children are at its heart.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual and we work together to promote their own skills and interests. Life skills form an important part of our curriculum to ensure pupils leave Great Chart Primary School with the skills necessary to continue their journeys. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community and strive to recognise the changes in our rapidly developing world.

Children leave Great Chart with a sense of community with an excellent attitude to learning. They have the confidence and skills to make their own decisions, form their own opinions and are well prepared for future success in modern Britain.


Great Chart Primary School strives to reach the highest standards of achievement for all pupils, regardless of ability, ethnic origin, gender or social background. In order to achieve these aims, we work in collaboration with pupils, parents and the wider community.

Knowing that every child learns differently, our teachers use a range of teaching styles to ensure that our children are engaged and motivated.Teacher’s present knowledge clearly through discussion, checking understanding, addressing misconceptions, feedback and making links to previous learning. We recognise the importance of a calm and open environment, in which the children are willing to take risks, are independent and take responsibility for their own learning. Teaching is appropriate to the ages and abilities of pupils, ensuring pupils understand what is expected of them, giving them the opportunity to achieve success. Teachers provide work that is challenging, stimulating and encourages critical thinking. We value the importance of using the outside environment in order to promote a love of learning and foster respect for the local environment and the wider world.


At Great Chart, we value the importance of developing the children’s knowledge, together with their skills. As a result of this our pupils achieve well, gaining excellent results which will prepare them for the future in a rapidly changing world. Progress means knowing more and remembering more and we strive to promote this through our curriculum.  

To access curriculum policies please go to Curriculum. All subject policies will be within each subject area.


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