At Great Chart Primary School we aim to give every child the opportunity to experience the power of music to enhance our lives, as well as capitalizing on the benefits it gives in other areas of the curriculum.

Singing, playing instruments, performing, and composing are enjoyable, creative and fulfilling learning experiences in their own right. We believe  that this learning extends beyond the musical curriculum. Our main concept threads for Music are: Listen; Create; Practise; Learn; Compose; Perform 

  • Making music in the early and primary years increases listening and concentration skills, and enhances a child’s ability to discriminate between sounds. This improves phonetic awareness and helps to develop language and literacy skills.
  • There is a positive impact on spatial reasoning, which is linked to mathematical thinking and on physical co-ordination, which supports handwriting skills.
  • Music-making in small groups promotes teamwork and the development of leadership skills, as well as being hugely enjoyable.
  • Pupils’ confidence can be enhanced if they have opportunities to perform.
  • Music-making has social and emotional benefits, helping children to improve their mood and relieve stress.