Friends’ Association

Registered Charity: 1103318

Who are the Friends' Association?  

The Friends’ Association is a registered charity made up of parents and staff with the main aim of raising additional funds for the school to ensure that all children have exciting and inspiring experiences beyond the classroom. 

The 2022/2023 committee members are:

President: Wendy Pang

CO-Chairs:  Natalie Hubbard & Vicki Prigmore (

Treasurer: Natalie Phillips (

Secretary: Sarah-Marie Collins (

Trustees: Wendy Pang (Headteacher), Sarah - Marie Collins (Parent), Natalie Hubbard (Parent),  Jennifer Keen(Parent), Shelley King (Parent), Vicki Prigmore (Parent), Natalie Phillips (Parent), Claire Tanton (Parent),  Samuel Ogbaide (Parent) 

The committee is elected at the AGM which is held in January.

Evening meetings are held regularly to plan upcoming events and to hear all the activities that the children have enjoyed. Everyone is welcome to join us (parents of all children at the school). If you wish to contact the Friends' prior to a meeting please email Natalie and Vicki at   

Future Meeting Dates 2023-24 7pm Community Room
26th Sept
17th Oct
14th Nov
5th Dec
16th Jan AGM
6th Feb
12th March
23rd April
21st May
18th June
9th July
Future events:
Sunday 5th November - Fireworks Event
Fri 8th Dec- Discos - TBC
Fri 8th Dec- Elfridges - TBC
Fri 17th May 2024 - Discos
Sat 22nd June 2024 - Summer Fete
Sat 13th July 2024 - Leavers’ Party









What we do

Our biggest fundraising events of the year are the Firework Night, Elfridges and Summer Fete.  We pride ourselves in making these fun family events, reinforcing the community spirit of Great Chart Primary School.  Throughout the rest of the year we hold smaller social events: discos, coffee mornings, quiz nights, raffles and selling refreshments at Sports Day and Picnic in the Park etc.

We sell second hand uniform through our Facebook page ‘Great Chart Primary School Pre-owned school uniform’.

As an Amazon Associate we also raise funds which are completely free of charge to you.  When purchasing through Amazon please follow this link to a referral page and Cash Back will go to the Friends' Association.

You can also help us to raise funds by purchasing your uniform label stamps from Stamptastic via the link below, ensuring that you select Great Chart Primary School from the drop down when required.  It doesn’t cost you any extra to support the school in this way but you will generate a commission payment for our charity. Name Stamp – The BEST alternative to sew in and iron on name tags!

How our events help your child at school

With thanks to you all for contributing to the Friends' events, we have been able to fund in whole or heavily subsidize the following activities for the children:

  • The end of Year Christmas Pantomime for the whole school
  • ALL Extensive Playground improvements, including markings
  • Outdoor table tennis tables
  • Roman Day for Y3
  • Egyptian Day for Y5
  • Evacuee Workshop for Y6
  • Dinosaur Workshop for Y1
  • Sensory Garden project
  • World Book Day event

Over the years, gifts from the Friends' have included much of the playground equipment in both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds, the Outdoor classroom, Trim Trail on the school field, as well as the purchase of the 4 large gazebos for the school in the house colours. As many of you have seen, the gazebos are appreciated by the children in the summer to protect them from the sun on sports days.   They are also available to us to use at our events such as the summer fete.

We also organise the very popular Year 6 Leavers’ Party in July and prepare leavers' books with photos for each child as a special souvenir of their time at Great Chart. 

We need your help please!

If you can spare any time, every little helps and it makes the workload lighter for everyone.  Please don’t be shy and let us know if you can assist by contacting us at:   We would be really happy to hear from you.