School Day

Times of School Sessions

Foundation Classes

EYFS - 8:45-2:55pm 

Key Stage 1

Year 2 - 8.30am-3pm

Year 1 - 8.40am-3.10pm

Key Stage 2

Year 6 & 3 - 8.30am-3pm

Year 4 & 5 - 8.40am-3.10pm

Attendance is a high priority and it is important that children are not late for school. It is school policy that children arriving after the register has been taken, should be marked late.

Read school Attendance Policy for more information on lateness and absence.

Attendance Policy

Morning Playtimes

Year groups have staggered playtime between 10.20 and 11.20 for 20 minutes.


Children in EYFS and Year 1 have lunch from 12.10-1.00pm. Years 2-6 have their lunch from 12.30-1.20pm.

Total 32.5 weekly hours.