When the new national curriculum was published in 2014, new forms of assessment were developed to align with its new content and principles.

Assessment is at the heart of the learning process: it provides valuable evidence to guide and improve teaching and learning. Alongside this it offers an opportunity for children to demonstrate and review their progress. It is an integral part of our relentlessly ambitious, high expectations culture.

The primary principle of assessment at Great Chart Primary School therefore, is that it is fit for the purpose intended: it is without doubt an integral part of teaching and learning and lies at the heart of promoting pupils’ education. Our assessment information is wide ranging, from in-school formative assessment to in-school summative assessment.

Our curriculum and assessment framework enables us to pinpoint the aspects of the curriculum in which pupils are falling behind whilst recognising exceptional performance. Teachers use the outcomes of these assessments to summarise and analyse attainment and progress for their pupils and their classes and use this data to plan the learning for every pupil, ensuring they meet or exceed expectations.