Using ICT at School & Home Safely

ICT vision statement

Parents should talk to their children about the dangers they may face online

  • If parents talk to their children, they may be more likely to understand any potential dangers they may face. It may be a bit embarrassing at first but children would rather this than not being allowed to use the computer at all.
  • Trust is vital – especially over the summer holidays – as some parents will be going to work, leaving their children at home. Having an open and honest conversation about using the internet at the beginning of the holidays may be helpful.

Go online with your child and ask them to show you what they are doing

  • Parents should ask their children to show them what they are doing online – if they don’t understand what social networking sites are or chat rooms, their children can help them to set up a profile or an account. That way parents will get a better understanding of new technology and how much fun it can be.

Parents should monitor what their children are doing online

  • There are lots of filtering software products available that can be used and some parental locks can also be used on certain websites, so access would be blocked if their child tried to view the page.
  • If parents are going to use filtering software, it’s important to tell your children about it as some may feel like they are being spied on.

Please click on the link below to download some more information about children using the internet safely.

Children & ICT


If you have any concerns, please contact Mrs J Willemse, our ICT Leader, via the school’s contact details

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