Sport Premium

Update September 2016

The Sport Premium is being used to provide pupils with additional opportunities and high quality teaching and learning experiences. The action plan is in place to give an enhanced opportunity to improve life chances of pupils through provision in Physical Education, School Sport and Healthy Active Lifestyles. As a school we are very pleased to share some of the ways we have used the funding to enhance our provision in the Year 2015 -16.

The aim of the Sport Premium is to target 3 areas to ensure pupils have opportunities in curriculum PE, School Sport and Active Healthy Lifestyles.



  • High quality first teaching in PE continues to be the expectation of all teachers. CPD opportunities are important to develop personal practice.
  • Use of EASE sport partnership coach to work with staff to develop their knowledge of teaching games. Year 5 Autumn Term, Year 4 Spring Term and Year 3 Summer term. £3000
  • Tennis lessons provided by Bethersden Tennis Club £350


School Sport

  • We have continued to use some of our funding to subsidise an enhanced swimming programme with all KS2 pupils. This has been very popular with pupils and parents and has certainly enhanced our provision. Pupils have longer courses, additional lessons and more qualified teachers. We are now able to start collecting data to show how many pupils can now meet the end of KS requirements. Year 6 in Autumn term, Year 3, in the Spring and Year 4 in the Summer. £4000
  • Competition is another way to encourage pupils to be healthy and active and to show pride in their own performance. We have entered many competitions this year and have had regular updates in assembly and the school newsletter each month. Eg Cross Country, Sportshall Athletics, Infant Agility, Handball £300


Healthy Active Lifestyles

  • Pedal Free training provided by Cycle Circle -Extended to all of KS1 pupils. £1000
  • After school club run by EASE providing opportunities for new sports.
  • ALT Gymnastics club run in school.
  • Support of the Walk to School initiative £500


Spending Priorities 2016-2017: Expected £10,040

  • Continue to subsidise swimming across KS2 . Arrangements to ensure Year group with 90 pupils can access. Increased transport costs and more qualified staff required. £3000
  • Work with EASE sport partnership to develop teaching and learning through a role model working in school throughout the year. £3000
  • Develop new sports and provide opportunities to compete at Level 2. Introduction of Handball, Dodgeball and Volleyball in PE sessions and competition entries. £200
  • Use of Champions programme to provide staff with new ideas and activities to try in PESS.
  • Competition package with The North £500
  • Pedal Free – Training for EYFS and any other KS1 pupils £1000
  • Subsidise Bikability training Level 1 and Level 2 to build on the new enthusiasm for cycling at KS1 £300
  • Competition entry and transport £300
  • Development of tennis across the school with training and links with Bethersden Tennis club . Lessons for all pupils during the year. £1500
  • Development of a school community event embracing PESS and encouraging parental engagement. £200

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