Year 6 Educational Visit to Dover Castle

As part of their History topic about life on the Home Front during World War 2, on Wednesday 12th October, Year 6 eagerly set out on a two-site educational visit to find out about key events which took place during 1940. The first stop was the Wartime Tunnels at Dover Castle, where   Operation Dynamo (the evacuation of British forces   stranded on the shores of Dunkirk) was vividly brought to life in an exciting multi-sensory tour.

Then the children travelled to the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-Le-Ferne, where they explored ‘The Scramble      Experience’ in which they learnt about the bravery of ‘The Few’, pilots who defended the British skies against German    invasion. During the visit, staff at the Battle of Britain      Memorial praised both the behaviour of the children and the interest which they displayed. Indeed our guide said that he had never answered so many questions about the inner workings of a Spitfire!

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