Year 5 Victorian Day

It must have been so hard being a Victorian child, but I suppose if I hadn’t experienced a day in the life of a Victorian child then we wouldn’t realise we have such nice schooling.

We started off the day with arithmetic by reciting, copying and writing our 2,3,4,5 times tables for around half an hour using black boards and chalk. After that we practically did lines of the lord’s prayer for around one hour. This again was written with chalk on black boards. Then just before break, we went outside and went through some drills which involved moving our arms in front of us and to the side of us. During break we weren’t aloud to mix with the other gender. After break we learned some spelling rules on a chalkboard by repeating and copying which made us very bored. We learnt the ‘e’, ‘ay’, ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ sounds. Also we had to practise our handwriting, by writing ‘Children must be seen and not heard’ over and over again.

Although we tried to behave, some people got the dunce hat. Poppy had to wear the dunce’s hat because she was crossing her legs which was not lady like in the Victorian times. In the other class, Oliver got cained because he yawned and spoke when he wasn’t meant to. Finally, after lunch, we had an art lesson where we had to study and draw a potato. If we made a mistake, we couldn’t rub it out because they hadn’t invented rubbers yet! They had only just invented the luxury of led pencils.

Overall, it was a bit boring but we all had fun.

Thank goodness I’m not in the Victorian era!

By Poppy & Jess 5 Toke

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