Year 5 Trip to Horton Kirby

Our day at Horton Kirby was very fun but it was very muddy. We all walked down into the valley with our wellies on. Whilst we walked through the village, flood plains and the puddles Mr Bonner told us lots of facts about the River Darent. One of the facts was that the River Darent is a tributary to the River Thames. When we were walking we saw an old corn mill, a waterfall and the meander, which was manmade. When we got down to the river, we did an experiment involving rubber ducks. Mr Bonner gave us bags with stop watches, waterproof paper and pencils to help with our investigation. There were Catchers and Releasers and people measuring the time with stop watches. We were positioned all in a row in different sections of the river. It was so much fun. Some people were getting water in their wellies! We wanted to know how fast the water was flowing in different parts of the river, so the releasers put the ducks into the water, the catchers caught them and the timers timed how long it took. We found out that A was the fastest because the rubber ducks were always caught first in the A section. After lunch we studied different types of rocks and how much water they let in if any.

By Kadie and Keona