Year 5 Trip to Hall Place and Gardens.

In term 2, Year 5 went on an exciting tour of Hall Place and Gardens. Our first activity was to learn about the different staff members who ran a Victorian household. We then tried Victorian washing. The main pieces of the equipment was a bucket of water and a washing board with some carbolic soap for the object you were washing. The soap smelt disgusting so the clothes that Victorians wore didn’t smell as nice as future clothes. Due to the fact that they did not have washing machines, the washing maids had a harder job using the washing dolly. They had to put their washing into an even bigger bucket to thoroughly wash the owner of the house’s clothes. To control the washing dolly you had to gently push and then wiggle like mad, we had to show off our wiggling skills. To dry it we used a washing mangle. We put the washing in between the rollers and used the big handle on the wheel and turn it round. Mind your fingers though!

Then we went to the colossal house to examine some Victorian toys. How exciting! The owners of the house were very rich so they had lots of colourful and enjoyable toys like, skittles, spinning clowns, hoops, yo-yos on string and lots more. Later on, we made our own spinning, paper circles instead of a wooden spinning clown on string. After toy experimenting we ate our delicious lunches, we were starving! Sooner or later, we had finished our tasty lunches we all went to the house to see what sort of environment the family previously living there lived in. By then, it was getting quite late, so we decided to head off. We had an amazing day and rounded it off with the long trip back. Thank you teachers for a great day!

By Anya and Amber (year 5)

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