Year 5 School Trip

For our school trip on Tuesday 17th November, we went to Hall place and Gardens . It took us 45 minutes to get there.

When we got there we got into our groups and split into our partners. The first activity was a lady who brought some of the children up the front and got them to act out a scene. Oliver played a really wealthy man called Mr. Rich. Oliver had to wear a golden tunic and a black jacket on top.

Clarissa played Miss Rich and wore a ruby gown and a white shawl. We learned how the swimming costumes had changed throughout the years, from a big dress with weights to a bikini. We also learned that families couldn’t swim together and boys and girls were always separate. We really enjoyed this!

The second activity was where we had to guess which maids were which and then we had to wash some bright pink cloth. We had the soap and we scrubbed them until they were soaking wet. After that we had to squeeze all the soap out. Next we turned the mandle and squeezed all the water out. We also saw lots of victorian objects like irons and carpet dusters and teapots. I am pleased that we now have washing machines to clean our clothes. It was hard work.

We would like to thank our Year 5 teachers and teaching assistants for taking us on this educational and fun school trip.                                             

By Chloe and Emily 5 Griffin

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