Year 5 Educational Visit to Horton Kirby

On Wednesday the 15th March Year 5 visited Horton Kirby. In the morning, we got on the coach at exactly 9 o’clock and we arrived one hour later.

Firstly, our tour guides Mr Bonner and Mr Berry explained what lovely activities we did throughout the day. Next, 5 Toke went straight to the River Darent but 5 Griffin stayed in the playground having an explanation of what they will do later on in the day.

Secondly, both Year 5 classes completed an experiment of how deep and fast flowing the water was and to do this we separated into six groups and each group had three rubber ducks. We had three people in the water at a time and two people out of the water at a time but overall everyone had a turn to go in the water. The people that were in the water held a duck between their legs and when Mr Bonner or Mr Berry said ‘go’ we let them go and the other two people had to catch it. Later on we found out that the River Darent was 24cm deep.

Then, whilst we all had lunch, some of 5 Toke had a chance to go and see some frogs and tadpoles. After lunch we went to the gift shop.

Lastly, 5 Toke completed one last experiment and 5 Griffin looked at the measurements of the depth and flow of the river and learnt about a rubber duck that got lost five years ago and he is probably in the River Thames or in the ocean by now.

We all had a great time and hope to come back soon. 

Written by Amber 5G and Alex 5T