Year 5 Educational Trip to Kent Life

“When we arrived we were all very excited to learn about the Victorians. First of all we went to the schoolroom and we waited for the extremely strict teacher who we had to call Sir. Unfortunately, Max had to stand in the corner and wear the Dunce’s hat. We learnt that the Girls had to learn cooking, cleaning and sewing and the boys had to learn woodwork, arithmetic and technical drawing.

Next we went to Petts Farmhouse where two lovely people showed us around the downstairs and the upstairs. Also we saw the corset that made women’s waists very small. If women didn’t wear their corsets they would be known as a bad person and they wouldn’t be  allowed outside. We were told that Mrs Petts’ daughter fell off a shire horse and died and that Mrs Petts walks along the hallway looking for her daughter.

After that, we went to the room where we made beautiful rag rugs with hessian and different coloured rags. We used a tool called a  bodger to weave the rags in and out of the hessian. It was difficult at first but got easier very quickly.

Then we experienced what it was like to work in a Victorian factory by going underground to the cellar under the cafe. Underground there was a rich factory owner asking us to work in one of his factories. Some of us agreed to work in one of his factories so he picked some volunteers and made the rest of us stand in a line. Then he made us crawl under them.  This was what the poor Victorian children had to do. Some of them even lost limbs!

After that, we learnt about the Victorian shops. There was a butchers shop a green grocer’s shop, grocery shop, a dairy shop and a bakery. We learnt that they had to pull a heavy wagon up steep hills in all weather conditions.

Next, we went to see Florence Nightingale. She said that she went to Russia to help hospitals have good hygiene. She also taught us how to wrap bandages around the patient’s hand. Then she gave us bandages to wrap round other people.

Last of all we met a scullery maid called Effel Parsnip who taught us all of her jobs like how to use a scrubbing board. You have to put the sheets in a barrel and a plunger washes the sheets. After that you would dry the  sheets with a mangle.

We all had a great time and we wish we could go there again!!!”

By Maddy and Emily Year 5

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