Year 4 Viking Workshop


Yesterday the Year 4 children were lucky enough to all take part in a Viking workshop.

The day began with all the children dressing themselves in Viking clothes and wearing war paint to scare their enemies. Shortly after that, the children were put into groups and invited to take part in a multitude of activities. These ranged from grinding flour, weaving, making medicine, sorting artefacts and spinning wool. The most popular activities were allowing the children time to explore Viking weapons and armour and playing “Knucklebones.”

Just before lunch the children were given a bracelet to engrave their names using the Viking runes. Choosing a gem was very exciting and they were allowed to take the bracelet home as a souvenir of their fabulous day.

The final two activities after lunch were fantastic, A Viking banquet was laid out for the children to try many types of Viking food, anything from celery, rabbit stew, goat’s cheese, bread, berries and mackerel were demolished by our hungry Vikings. After the feast it was time to go into battle! We were shown many Viking battle moves and how we would defend ourselves against attack. It was very noisy but such incredible fun.

A super day was had by all and we would like to thank all the children for their enthusiasm and wonderful behaviour throughout the day!

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