Year 4 Hogitats

In Year 4’s  science lessons we have been learning all about hedgehog’s habitats that are being destroyed! They are  destroyed by new buildings and hedges being chopped down. So, Year 4 decided to raise money to buy 2 hogitats for hedgehogs by wearing our own clothes. On Wednesday 13th January 2016 we placed our hogitats at the bottom of the field. After that we stuffed the hogitats with hay and underneath we put leaves to keep the hedgehogs dry, cosy and sheltered. Mr Beck kindly hammered in some metal stacks to keep it safe from bigger animals and the wind blowing it away. There are trees to keep it dry and moss and leaves to camouflage the hogitat and keep it warm. Beside the hogitat was a fence with a little hole so the hedgehogs can come and go when ever they want.  We are hoping that a hedgehog will find it by next year and live a happy life and have a happy home!

It was such FUN placing the hogitats out in our school field!

 By Chloe and Rosie