Year 4 Dental Hygienist Visit

As part of their work in science, the year 4 children invited a dental hygienist into school to talk to them about caring for their teeth.

They were taught about the importance of keeping their teeth clean and what may happen if they do not brush carefully. How to prevent tooth decay and gum disease was also discussed, along with which type of toothbrush and toothbrush the children should be using. 

The session ended with the children posing their own questions.Some examples were;

 “What is the best thing about your job?”

“Why do we need two sets of teeth?” 

“When is the best time to clean your teeth?”

Finally, the children were all given a goody bag, which included a disclosing tablet. This provided a great opportunity for the children to assess how well they have been cleaning their teeth. 

It was a fantastic afternoon and we thank Suzy, from Jade’s Dental Practice, for taking the time to come in and talk to us.