Raffle Winners!

The children who won Easter Raffle prizes are:

1st – Theo Year 1

2nd – Dylan Year 6

3rd – Skyrah Year 1

4th – Carmen Year 2

5th- Sophie Year 1

6th – Emily Year 3

7th – Ronnie – EYFS

8th-  Paige – Year 6

9th – Bella – Year 1

10th Jasmine – Year 2

11th Amelia – Year 4

12th Chloe Year 4

13th – Oliver 4T

14th Calum Year 3

15th Archie Year 2

16th Mrs Bispham

17th – Cerys Year 6

18th Willow Year 2


Thank you to all parents and local businesses that donated Easter Eggs. We will thank you in the next newsletter properly.


Cake Winners – Lewis Pemble Ford 1st, Nathan Petts and Joshua Anders Joint 2nd

Runners Up – Lola Bevan, Ryley Watson, Harry and Esmee Davies, Emily Finnis, Beaux Parbott, Emily Parbott, Hannah Steatham, Jack Butcher, Molly Cawdron, Lily Davies, Isla Medlen (all won sweets donated by Candytan)


A huge thank you for all your support. We have managed to raise £733.38 for our school charity ‘Holding On, Letting Go’ which supports bereaved children. This will be spent directly on the children that need it. 

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