Term Dates 2019/20

Autumn Term

Staff Development Day 1 – Monday 2nd September 2019 – school closed to children

Start: Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at 8.40am

Term 1 Ends: Friday 18th October 2019

Half Term: Monday 21st October – Friday 25th October 2019

Start: Monday 28th October 2019

Term 2 Ends: Wednesday 18th December 2019

Christmas Holiday: Thursday 19th December 2019 – Friday 3rd January 2020

Spring Term 

Start: Monday 6th January 2020 at 8.40am

Term 3 Ends: Friday 14th February 2020

Half Term: Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February 2020

Start: Monday 24th February 2020

Term 4 Ends: Wednesday 1st April 2020

Easter Holiday:  Thursday 2nd April – Wednesday 15th April 2020

Summer Term

Start:Thursday 16th April 2020

Bank Holiday: Friday 8th May 2020

Term 5 Ends: Friday 22nd May 2020

Half Term: Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May 2020

Start: Monday 1st June 2020

Staff Development Day 2 – Friday 3rd July 2020 – school closed to children

Term 6 Ends: Friday 17th July 2020

Staff Development Day 3 – Monday 20th July 2020 – school closed to children

Staff Development Day 4 – Tuesday 21st July 2020 – school closed to children

Staff Development Day 5 – Wednesday 22nd July 2020 – school closed to children

Summer Holiday: Thursday 23rd July – Monday 31st August 2020

Staff Development Days

Children are in school for 190 days a year and teachers for 195 days a year. The additional five days are for staff training. These can either be whole day training sessions when the school is closed to children or Twilight Training sessions, two of which total a Staff Development day. If two Twilights are taken, staff will then have the time off when one Staff Development day has been allocated. At Great Chart we look closely at the term dates to see when we can arrange training. We are also dependent on the availability for some guest speakers and trainers as to when we can arrange our development days. As with other schools, any Twilight Training sessions are in addition to our normal weekly staff meetings.

Term dates 2021-2022