Year 5 Victorian Day

5 Nov

On Tuesday 9th November, our class had a Victorian day.  In order to attend school, all children had to bring in a penny.  Walking through the school gates, we noticed all our other classmates had been separated into boys and girls. Our teachers, Mrs Warman, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Bilham, and Mrs Shevlin, were a lot more strict than they were the day before (Mrs Bilham actually changed her name to Miss Stern). As we walked into our classroom, we found the tables in rows of two, also separating the boys from the girls.  When we did something wrong, we would have had to sit in a corner (looking at a map) and wear something called the Dunces hat.  The first thing we did was a little geography lesson about the British Empire.  After that, we did our Maths lesson which was really boring as we just had a full sheet of column addition but we were forbidden to use our fingers to count.  So that meant we had to do it all mentally which was pretty hard when you need to exchange.  Thankfully, when that was all over, we had a mini Victorian playtime.  The girls played with hula hoops and skipping ropes.  While the girls did that, the boys happily played a game of football.  When entering the classroom again, we had to copy the entire alphabet on a chalkboard.  It was really hard as the chalk was really small in our hands.  After our lunch break, we had the greatest time of having the privilege of making our own play dolls and taking them home.  All of our dolls were different as we have our own ideas.  We were given a few scrap bits of fabric, wool and string to make them. It was such a super day!