KS2 Maths Workshop

Make it!  Draw it!  Write it! is our new approach  for developing mathematical thinking, giving the children opportunities to develop their understanding through building models of a mathematical problem, drawing pictures to develop and communicate understanding and only having gone through these stages recording their findings using signs and symbols.  This new approach is the way forward to develop mathematic masters!

The workshop held for KS2 parents was aimed to demonstrate how we teach the 4 operations using the Make it! Draw it! Write it! model.  This will give parents the confidence to engage and support their children at home when faced with mathematical problems. We will hopefully hold another session later in the year for those who were unable to attend. KS1 will also be holding one too.

“ I found the maths workshop for KS2 parents really interesting and beneficial. The maths equipment the children use really help them to visualise numbers. It was a very relaxed atmosphere where parents could ask teachers to demonstrate how children are taught so we can help them at home” – Parent Quote