Celebration Assembly

Children sharing their good work in assembly this week are:


FS Griffn
Lily and Rachel
3 Goldwell
 Kaitlyn and Jack
FS Toke
Taylor and Sophie Bu
4 Griffin
 Henry and Joe
1 Griffin
 Grady and Archie
4 Toke
1 Toke
 Jesse and Ruby
4 Goldwell
 Toby and Ellie
2 Griffin
 Amber and Emily
5 Griffin
 Evie and Tristan
 2 Toke
 Daisy and Jack
5 Toke
 Jack S, Jack F, Harry and Charlie
3 Griffin
Jacob and Stanley
6 Griffin
 Ibby, Megan and Ben
 3 Toke
 Anna and Max
6 Toke
Evie and Jess