Godinton House Y5 School trip.

On Tuesday 1st May, 5G went to Godinton House. Whilst we were walking there, we were stopped by a great flood! The water was too deep to walk across, so Mr. Sandford (the Estate Manager) came to save us. Mr Sandford took us on a very long walk through lots of fields where we saw sheep, lambs and Gertie (the unfriendly cow). It was very wet and seemed to take a long time.

Finally, we arrived at Godinton House. We met two members of staff who took us into the Education Room, where we were told about the upcoming activities. The activities were: The Aqualab, a tour around the attic and cellar, the gardens and of course the Great Hall. The Aqualab took place in a van. Inside the van we learnt about the creatures in the River Stour. The gardens were exquisite. We looked around the four different types of gardens, which were: Formal Garden, Walled Garden, Wild Garden and Italian Garden. The Attic was where maids slept, the floor was very uneven. We went down to the cellar where they kept wine and food because it is the coolest part of the house. We also went into the Great Hall, where we learnt about the history of the house and its owners.

After lunch, we began our walk back to school wondering how we would get through the flood. To our surprise, Mr Sandford had organised a tractor and trailer ride to carry us through the overflowing river. It was a trip we’ll never forget!

By Hayden and Danette