Celebration Assembly

The children sharing their good work in assembly this week are:

FS Griffin
Maggie and Isaac
4 Griffin
Finley H and Oliver B
FS Toke
Ava and Jaxon
4 Toke
Isabelle L
1 Griffin
Sienna and Rachel
4 Goldwell
Grace H and Libby H
1 Toke
Sophie Be and Chloe
5 Griffin
Mary and Alice
2 Griffin
Jasmine and Oliver
5 Toke
 2 Toke
Amelia M and Ronnie B
5 Goldwell
Ellie H
3 Griffin
Amber S
6 Griffin
Ben B
 3 Toke
Finley W and Linkon
 6 Toke
Ruby, Mia and Shannon