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Prize Giving

Yesterday we had our prize giving presentation, the below children were our well deserving winners:

 Awards for School Values 

   Year 1 –Esmae 1T, Dainton 1G

   Year 2 –Amelia O 2T, Carmen 2G,

   Year 3 – Zoe 3T, Riley N 3G,

   Year 4 –Nathan 4T, Jasmine 4G, Isaac 4GW

   Year 5 –  Rosie 5T, Keona 5G, Mollie 5GW

   Year 6 – Lucy -Louise 6T, Thomas 6G,

The Great Chart Award for Maths in Key Stage 1, William 2T

 The Great Chart Award for Maths in Key Stage 2, Kaytie 4T

 The Great Chart Award for English in Key Stage 1, Abigail 2T

The Great Chart Award for Creative Writing in Key Stage 2, Emily 3G

 The Great Chart Award for Creative Writing in Key Stage 2, Madeleine G 6T

 The Duncalfe Award for Creative Writing in Key Stage 2,Tolu 5G

The Naomi Goodyear Award for Science, Noah 5GW

The Rector’s Award for Progress & Improvement in Key Stage 1, Hayley 1G

The Michael Hovey for Progress & Improvement in Key Stage 1, Erika 1T

The Great Chart Award for Achievement and Effort in Key Stage 1, Alfie 2G

The Great Chart Award for Achievement and Effort in Key Stage 2, Amelie 4G 

 The Matthew Iles Award for Achievement and Effort in Key Stage 2, Abraham 3T
 The Tom Wells Award for Citizenship in Key Stage 2, Nirthana 4GW
 The Susan Brown Award for Citizenship in Key Stage 2, Poppy 6G
 The Paterson Prize for Drawing or Writing about an  Aspect of a Locality in KS1, Naomi 2G
The Paterson Prize for Writing about an Aspect of a Locality in Year 5,  -Jack 5T

The Friends’ Association Award, Ciara 6T

Sports Personality of the Year,Aki 3G


Well done to all our winners.



Dr Bike

Dr Bike is at Great Chart today. 30 bikes are all ready to be serviced by the team at Cycle Circle and will be ready to go for the summer. Look out for the flyer of details of when Cycle Circle are running other local events and refurbished bike sales.

NHS Happy 70th Birthday

Levi, Lily, Grace, Amber and Edward from EYFS went to the William Harvey Hospital to take part in some craft activities with some elderly patients. They had a wonderful time and I was extremely proud with how kind and thoughtful they were towards them. It was such a lovely experience to be part of. 

Great Chart V Sandgate

Great Chart Year 5 and 6 teams battled it out against Sandgate Primary School, taking part in our annual Spelling Bee and Maths quizzes. The Great Chart Spelling Bee team won, lifting the trophy from Sandgate. Unfortunately we did not win the Maths quiz this year but Mrs Holmes was extremely impressed by the 3 teams who went to Sandgate Primary School. Thank you to Mr Ive, our Vice Chair to the Governing Body for compering the competition. Well done everyone. 

Celebration Assembly

The children sharing their good work in assembly this week are:

FS Griffin Mark and Lily-Grace 4 Griffin Jasmine and Rhory
FS Toke   4 Toke Isabelle, Emily and Sean
1 Griffin Dainton and Hattie 4 Goldwell Chloe and Grace
1 Toke Lily D and Dylan 5 Griffin Isla and Tolu
2 Griffin Freya and Lydia 5 Toke Jack S
 2 Toke Jesse and Maya 5 Goldwell Ellie A
3 Griffin Julia and Lewis 6 Griffin Amber and Poppy
 3 Toke Daisy and Joshua  6 Toke  

Year 1 Trip to Samphire Hoe

On Thursday 7th June the Year 1 children enjoyed a great learning experience at Samphire Hoe. They were met by the rangers who lead the activities throughout the day. Our first activity was rock pooling. This caused great excitement as we were actually in the water! We were told the best way to find creatures and then worked as a team to catch some shrimps, crabs and even a fish! After a long walk back we ate lunch ready for chalk art and a mini beast safari. All the groups found some amazing mini beasts and we collected data to use in our Maths at school. It was a great day and the children were excellent. Look out for writing and pictures at open evening.

Celebration Assembly

The children sharing their good work in assembly this week are:

FS Griffin   4 Griffin Makenzie and Stanley
FS Toke Teddie and Tyler 4 Toke Nathan, Archie s, Jessica, Oliver and Nickol
1 Griffin Lacey and Charlie K 4 Goldwell Jack H, Louie and Rihanna
1 Toke Taylor and Katie 5 Griffin Kadie, Tolu and Mary
2 Griffin   5 Toke  
 2 Toke   5 Goldwell Taila and Ellie A
3 Griffin Emily 6 Griffin Cerys and Issy
 3 Toke Abraham and Joshua  6 Toke Isabella, Lucy and Alex

4GW Linking Project

4 Goldwell have been lucky enough to be involved with The Linking Project this year. This is a new project, that Great Chart have never had the opportunity to be involved in before. This project takes place across many schools in the U.K and aims to encourage confidence and tolerance of children from different beliefs and backgrounds. The programme is designed to encourage children to challenge stereotypes and not to judge people on appearances. 

As part of the project, we have been twinned with Aldington Primary School. Before meeting, both classes were asked to take part in a variety of activities in which they thought about themselves, who has influenced them and what their interests and goals are. Mrs Barker then took this information to Aldington school and met the class there, whilst Miss Falmer came to meet us at Great Chart.

Last week both classes met for the first time at Singleton Environment Centre, to take part in various activities with a focus on building relationships and confidence. We all had a brilliant day and the children met lots of new friends. We played parachute games, created venn diagrams about our schools and then took part in some team building activities. 

On Thursday we are looking forward to travelling to Aldington Primary School  to spend the day there.  We will be comparing their school to ours and continuing to build our relationships through various activities. Later on in the term, the children of Aldington will come and spend the day at our school to celebrate all we have learnt throughout the project. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the project so far and they are really looking forward to meeting up with their new friends again.

Proposal to locate a Satellite of The Wyvern School for up to 12 pupils at Great Chart Primary

Public Consultation

Proposal to locate a Satellite of The Wyvern School for up to 12 pupils at Great Chart Primary School using the existing Learning Lodge Classrooms

 Meeting: Wednesday 27th June 6pm Great Chart Primary School

To Parents/Carers and Other Interested Parties                                                            June 2018

We would like to inform you of our proposal to locate a satellite of The Wyvern School (WS) at Great Chart Primary School (GCPS), for up to 12 children with identified needs, requiring specialist educational provision. We are bringing forward this proposal with the support of the staff and governors at both Wyvern and Great Chart schools and Kent County Council, as the Strategic Commissioner of Education Provision in the County.

‘Satellite provisions’ are being developed across the county between mainstream and specialist schools. These are small bases in mainstream schools which provide a dedicated space for a special school to operate from, enabling them to support some of their pupils, where appropriate in a mainstream environment.  Students are enrolled at the special school, but are educated on the mainstream site by the special school’s staff, either in the dedicated satellite space, or in the mainstream school’s classroom for some joint activities.  Their personalised timetables see them accessing their education in the most appropriate environment, supported by highly trained staff from the special school.  Through this arrangement, students can receive specialist teaching, while also gaining opportunities to be included into a mainstream school. 

This proposal represents an excellent opportunity for staff at the Wyvern School and Great Chart School to share their knowledge and expertise to the full, by accommodating children in a caring, nurturing environment, both within the satellite and the school as a whole.  Shared staff expertise will benefit pupils from both schools, increasing the professional skills of Great Chart staff. This will enable them to support pupils effectively across the school who may have to a lesser extent Autistic or other Social, Language or Communication Difficulties. 

By including children from the Wyvern School, our pupils will learn to appreciate, accept and understand differences and be aware of the needs of others, preparing them for life in modern Britain. Our school values include respect, kindness and responsibility which would be fundamental to any such partnership between the two schools.  

Working with Wyvern very closely over the past year, we feel the next logical step would be to offer our facilities at GCPS to further that relationship and deepen the level of our collaboration to the benefit of both schools and students. Developing some clear outcomes we will be aiming to achieve:

  • Encourage and enable the above pupils to learn, develop and flourish and make the best possible progress, supported by Wyvern School in a mainstream environment, with primary peers who can act as communication, social and learning role models.
  • Develop shared values across both schools where children participate, succeed and are proud of their achievements.
  • Allow interaction between pupils, parents and staff from both schools to enhance acceptance, tolerance and understanding and giving the Wyvern SEN pupils the opportunity to be part of a mainstream educational environment.
  • Enable staff to access expertise and knowledge from both schools to ensure all pupils receive the very best education possible.

We hope the following questions and answers will explain in more detail what we are intending to do at Great Chart Primary School. 

What are Great Chart PS /Wyvern School being asked to do?

Wyvern School is proposing to set up a satellite of WS, which would operate differently to the main school, because staff will be working in the heart of a mainstream school, supporting Wyvern pupils to learn in the mainstream environment whenever possible.  Great Chart PS would host a new satellite class of Wyvern School, for up to 12 pupils, and include these pupils, where appropriate, in the life and educational provision of the school.

Where will the provision be situated?

The satellite provision will be located in the current Learning Lodge classrooms. From September 2019 we will only be 3 form entry in Year 6 and then from September 2020 we will be 2 form entry throughout the school. From September 2019 we will have one free classroom in the Learning Lodge to accommodate a small number of Wyvern pupils. From September 2020 the additional classroom can be used by Wyvern School pupils for up to a total of 12 pupils and also used by Great Chart on a timetabled basis.

Why do you need the provision?

Inclusion of pupils with SEN is a continued aim of Kent and this is an ideal opportunity to be part of developing inclusive practice.

In Kent, the number of pupils with an Education and Health Care Plan (previously known as a Statement) has dramatically increased in the last five years. KCC has recognised the need to increase specialist provision and this proposal gives us the opportunity to do so for Kent children in a way that also benefits GCPS.

Will the pupils in the satellite be Wyvern School Pupils or Great Chart PS pupils?

The pupils will be on the roll of Wyvern School.  Wyvern School will receive the funding for the pupils and will be the named school. The outcomes of any national tests (e.g. KS1 and KS2 results) will also be registered at Wyvern School.  However, for day to day activity we want the pupils to feel part of Great Chart PS. They will wear Great Chart PS uniform and link into the mainstream classes at Great Chart PS as and when staff deem it appropriate, fully supported by Wyvern Staff, for example during a topic based lesson, music, PE or Assembly. Maths and English will generally be taught within the satellite provision.

How will you work out which children will attend the Satellite?

All pupils on roll at Wyvern School have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). Pupils identified by Wyvern School as suitable to be placed at the satellite will have a period of assessment, usually lasting six weeks. After this a decision will be made about continuing the placement following discussions between Wyvern School and Great Chart PS. Wyvern School staff will liaise with the pupil’s parent about their wishes and the suitability of the satellite placement.  Through continued evaluation and discussion, a decision may be made to move a pupil from the satellite to Wyvern School site, or vice versa in order to best meet pupil needs. The impact of any individual child’s barriers to learning both on their own learning and that of the Great Chart PS pupils will be assessed, positively addressed and reviewed at least termly to ensure they are accessing the right level of support.

Will this mean fewer places for children at Great Chart Primary School?

No. Pupils attending the satellite will be in addition to the normal pupil intake number at Great Chart PS.

Will the WS pupils use the playground at the same time as the GCPS pupils?

Yes. Pupils will join our pupils at playtime when appropriate.

Who will be responsible for looking after and supporting the WS pupils if they join in some classes with GCPS pupils?

The WS staff will support and look after the WS pupils.

Will GCPS have to use some members of its own staff to support WS pupils?

The WS will recruit and appoint its own staff to support the WS pupils.

Will the WS pupils be able to attend afterschool clubs and the breakfast club?

These arrangements can be made if appropriate to individual children but WS pupils will be supported by their own staff.

Why can’t we use the Learning Lodge for the school for extra space?

Extra space of this size is a luxury. Unfortunately if not used to help KCC address local issues, the Learning Lodge could be taken away from us.

Does this mean that some GCPS pupils will be able to go to the WS as well?

Pupils eligible for specialist provision must have an EHCP (Statement) which states a particular special school for them to attend. GCPS pupils will not be admitted to the WS but will be able to access the expertise of the WS if necessary. This will be communicated to parents if we felt the advice and support could be beneficial to effectively support their child.

How much funding will Great Chart PS receive?

Wyvern School receives the funding for the pupils in line with the funding allocated to special schools through KCC’s funding formula. Wyvern School will pay for any resources needed within the satellite and will pay a proportionate amount of the utility bills, alarms, photocopying, cleaning, maintenance etc. to Great Chart PS.  This sum will be agreed between the schools.

When will the Satellite open?

It is intended that the satellite will be in place for September 2019 for a small number of pupils and then in September 2020 for up to 12 students. 

How can I give my views?

There are a number of ways to give us your views on this proposal:

  • Attend a meeting at the Great Chart Primary School on Wed 27th June at 6pm, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • You can complete a response form and place in the consultation box in Reception or email it to

What happens next?

This consultation stage closes on Monday 9th July at 9am.  

The consultation process – indicative timeline


Date Activity
Mon 4th June 2018 Public Consultation Period Opens
Wed 27th June 2018 4:30pm Meeting at the Wyvern School for parents/carers, staff and governors.
Wed 27th June 2018 6pm Meeting at the Great Chart School for parents/carers, staff and governors.
Mon 9th 9am July 2018 Public Consultation Period Closes
July 2018 Responses from all stakeholders reviewed by both schools and KCC


The Governing Body and school see this as a very exciting opportunity to allow interaction between pupils, parents and staff from both schools to enhance acceptance, tolerance and understanding and giving the pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEND) the opportunity to be part of a mainstream educational environment. Both schools will benefit greatly from this proposal.

We would welcome your views.

RESPONSE FORM – Proposal to Locate a Satellite of The Wyvern School at Great Chart Primary School


Please complete this response form and hand it in at the School Office or email to by Monday 9th July 2018.


Do you agree with the proposal to locate a satellite of Wyvern School at Great Chart Primary School? Yes No Undecided




















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