Celebration Assembly

Pupils sharing their achievements in Celebration Assembly for this week are:

FS Griffn
Lacey and Kimberly
3 Goldwell
 Leah and Crystal
FS Toke
Sidney and Esmae
4 Griffin
 Tom and Kadie
1 Griffin
 Mia and Jack G
4 Toke
 Roxy and Harley
1 Toke
 Charlotte D and Abigail
4 Goldwell
 Millie and Louis
2 Griffin
 Tyler and Oliver
5 Griffin
 2 Toke
 Ruby and Blake

James and Leo

5 Toke
3 Griffin
 Rhoary-Lee and Finlay
6 Griffin
 Ellie Hill, Tommy and Buddy
 3 Toke
 Anna and Bailey
6 Toke

celebration assembly