Vision Statement and Aims

Vision Statement

“A great place to discover and learn”

Our vision is to create a school community where children participate, succeed and are proud of their achievements. We strive to actively promote British values and prepare our children to become role models, thus preparing them for life in modern Britain.

Mission Statement

We promote a love of learning within a safe and happy school in which every person in our community matters.

We provide a welcoming, safe and happy school where everyone is respected and listened to; a school where we take pride in ourselves and our achievements, enabling children to become confident and successful learners.

We provide a creative and challenging curriculum in order to inspire and encourage independence. We aim to create an environment where children develop the confidence to think for themselves and enjoy their time at school.

We work in partnership with all members of our community to ensure common values and aims lead to continuous improvement. We are committed to being a partner in the education of our pupils by working together with parents and the local community.


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School Aims

Below is a list of the aims that the school has prioritised for achieving our vision.


We want to create a school:

  • Which has high standards of achievement and an emphasis on progress
  • Where a clear emphasis is placed on Reading, Writing and Numeracy
  • Which prepares children for the next stage of their education
  • Which challenges our children to achieve their full potential
  • Which sets targets for pupils to aspire to

Quality of teaching & learning

We want to create a school:

  • In which all lessons taught are good or better
  • Pupils are independent in their learning
  • Pupils begin the journey of lifelong learners
  • Which places the emphasis on having fun
  • Which places a strong emphasis on music, sport, art and drama
  • To encourage children, staff, parents and local community to work together as a team
  • Which embraces technology
  • Which promotes outdoor learning

Behaviour & Safety

We want to create a school in which children:

  • Are happy and safe
  • Achieve behaviour and standards we are proud of
  • Promote respect for themselves, others and the environment
  • Develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity

Leadership & Management

We aim to create a school:

  • Which has excellent Leadership & Management including Governance
  • Which creates leaders at all levels
  • Which communicates effectively with stakeholders
  • Where staff are committed to their own learning journey and the sharing of quality practice
  • Which achieves value for money
  • Which provides training/career progression

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